VLF Measuring M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Measuring M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Meter M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Meter M-VLF60 | Cable Testing | VLF Testers – Testing medium voltage cables with the M-VLF60 is easier today than it was many years ago. A VLF test finds faults in your cable system at much lower voltage than a conventional DC test. Thus, no traveling cells are generated. The M-VLF60 is a compact and, thanks to its robust design, extremely field-proof test system for medium voltage cables. No external PC is required on site. Fast commissioning and the possibility of true continuous operation qualify the unit as an ideal tool for routine cable testing.

With the portable VLF meter M-VLF60 you can test the following cables XLPE, PE & EPR. The VLF tester series finally allows utilities and industry an economical alternative to DC testing. To protect the operator and the equipment, the device has two independent discharging devices and an integrated 12kV reverse voltage protection (50 Hz). Thus, the software allows easy report generation. Also, the fast programming of test sequences. VLF stands for Very Low Frequency, 0.1 Hz and below.

Thus, it is an alternating voltage at low frequency. A VLF test system is simple to operate and the test is easy to perform. Conventional AC voltage test equipment has been used for decades for many types of installations. The test voltage is applied for the desired duration. This is because the DUT holds the voltage and either passes or fails. It is a pass/fail test. Why VLF testing? Because DC tests damage the insulation of the cable. That way, VLF testing shows the damage of the insulation without harming the cable.

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VLF Meter M-VLF28 | Cable Test

VLF Meter M-VLF28 | Cable Test

VLF Meter Device M-VLF28 | Cable Test

VLF Meter M-VLF28 is suitable for cable testing and cable diagnosis. If a fault in the cable networks of the medium and low voltage range causes a malfunction, quick localization is important. Eliminating the supply interruptions is immensely important. Because it saves time, money and trouble. Besides that, the advantages of VLF testing have been confirmed by scientific studies and practical field tests. Also, the VLF test is recommended by the DIN VDE standards and the standardization of the IEEE 400.

Testing medium voltage cables or rotating machines and transformers has never been easier. If a fault occurs, high-tech equipment should be available to perform the necessary measurements. In fact, prerequisite for this is state-of-the-art technical measuring equipment. The VLF measuring device M-VLF28 has manual and automatic test settings. Additionally, the diagnostic sequences offer different operating modes: such as the VLF cable test with symmetric AC voltage. But this is load independent over the whole range. Furthermore, a second option is the test with DC with positive and negative polarity or burning in case of high-impedance faults. Overall, cable sheath test as well as the sheath fault location are possible.

On top, for the discharge of test specimens, a discharge device is available. This device enables both electronic and mechanical discharge of the test specimen. Moreover, the VLF test device can be extended with an internal Tangens Delta diagnostic unit at any time. With a weight of only 14kg the high voltage generator is the smallest device on the market and is perfectly suited for mobile use. At that, a waterproof, shockproof and dustproof IP67 housing protects the M-VLF28. All in all, these features make the VLF Meter M-VLF28 an outstanding cable testing and cable diagnostic device.

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