Testing equipment for cable faults | Cable testing

Cable testing – To prevent long downtimes and costly failures of electrical systems, cable faults should be identified very quickly and specifically. WGM Support’s test equipment for locating, analyzing and evaluating cable faults was developed precisely for this purpose. The test equipment enables the qualification of cables and fittings in three categories: new, aged or defective. This means that potential problems can be avoided right from the start through targeted cable testing. Maintenance, repair and overhaul operations can be planned and organized better. WGM Support’s testing devices for cable fault location are therefore indispensable for every electrician or maintenance department.

Cable location | vLoc3 | Cable measurement

Cable location | vLoc3 | Cable measurement

vLoc3 line locator series consists of 7 different features and functions: vLoc3-Pro, vLoc3-5000, vLoc3-Cam, vLoc3-9800, vLoc3-ML, vLoc3-RTX-Pro and vLoc3-DM. The vLoc3 series line locator receivers are, in short, the perfect measurement devices for locating underground networks.

vLoc3-Pro is a locating system for locating underground lines and cables. It enables 3-dimensional line location. And is mainly used in the field of cable measurement technology. It also provides all the necessary information for accurate cable testing and cable fault location. Two sets of 3D antennas detect interference fields. The degree of interference is shown on the display in three different colors. In addition to the familiar classic locating mode, the cable fault locator also has other innovative features. Thanks to the vector screen, the user no longer even has to walk over the cable to check it. This leads to more safety, for example in road traffic.

Moreover, the device contains eight passive locating modes and a sheath fault location function. As well as an SD mode and a frequency range of 98Hz – 200KHz. If the receiver swings too fast, the device alerts the user. Thereby it avoids mislocations. The measuring device also indicates cables laid too flat, field disturbances or interference fields caused by above-ground routes.

vLoc3-5000: The vLoc3-5000 receiver combines Signal Select™ (SiS), Signal Direction (SD), Bluetooth, real-time colour coding and an internal precision GPS module.
vLoc3-Cam: The vLoc3-Cam is the easiest tool when it comes to finding probes (pig transmitters) and camera heads.
vLoc3-9800: The vLoc3-9800 locator is a simple tool for locating underground utilities to prevent damage while gathering information for analysis.
vLoc3-ML is the advanced version of the vLoc3-Pro cable locator. It is the 2-in-1 device for marker and line location and enables precise location of disc and ball markers.

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Cable fault location | Cable fault locator M-SWG

Cable fault location | Cable fault locator M-SWG

Whether cable fault location or cable fault finding, the M-SWG is a mobile cable fault location system for complex applications. In the simplest way possible, a faulty point in high, medium and low voltage cables can be located quickly and reliably. The system contains a powerful high voltage unit with a burning function. The built-in surge generator and the TDR reflectometer find the cable fault easily. As an operator you navigate through the menu quickly and safely. The system is self-training and performs all operating steps fully automatically.

All operating steps for the test can be carried out in the simplest possible way via a control knob / rotary control. The system offers the function of cable fault diagnosis- location and cable fault handling. Together with the MP-901 it has an additional highly sensitive cable fault fine tuning. Fault handling; targeted localization using acoustic methods. Under a single compact system SWG embodies all the main components of a fully-featured cable test van: a digital pulse reflectometer, a high-voltage step-up test transformer, a powerful surge wave generator and a burn unit.

Rich functionality along with small dimensions and durable design allows using M-SWG for most cable fault tasks where a cable test van would traditionally have been utilised. In addition, the system can be used for withstand testing solid insulation with DC voltage up to 32 kV (depending on systems). M-SWG-series systems can therefore be considered as an uncompromising solution for high-quality cable maintenance – these compact and mobile units provide the full range of functionality and feature safety functions commonly available only on fully-featured van-mounted cable test and fault location systems.