Battery testing equipment

Battery testing research proves: Battery testing research proves: The internal resistance of a battery cell increases with age and discharge history. Batteries are often used as back-up systems in power supply and especially in UPS systems. In the event of a power failure, the functional readiness of such systems is therefore extremely important. Here it is particularly important that the battery can withstand the capacity required in each case. In addition, Legislation stipulates regular battery testing. And this applies to safety-related systems that are supported by battery-supported emergency power systems. These tests according to VDE must be recorded and thus verifiable at any time.

Regular battery tests are therefore mandatory. They serve to evaluate and analyze battery storage and battery capacity under load over a certain period of time. In accordance with DIN EN 60896-11, they are always carried out while the batteries are in their current operating state.

The battery testers from WGM Support partly measure the AC resistance and the DC terminal voltage of secondary batteries online. Our products thus provide reliable data on battery condition without reducing the remaining battery capacity during the measurement. The result: a flawless battery diagnosis. Furthermore, you can perform such a battery test on any battery system. With our battery tests according to current standards, you ensure the highest quality of your products.

Battery Analyser | BTA 100 | Battery Diagnosis

Battery Analyzer | Battery Management | Battery Diagnostics

The Battery Analyzer BTA 100 is ideal for maintenance, troubleshooting and testing the characteristics of individual stationary batteries. It helps you to eliminate weak batteries to ensure the performance of your battery systems. Battery diagnostics will detect errors and can be managed in the battery management system. The Battery Analyzer BTA 100 is a very effective and economical battery testing device. The BTA 100 tests the internal battery resistance or conductivity as well as the voltage of the battery.

Testing the battery helps to identify weak cells before they cause problems. For telecommunication networks, data centers and electricity utilities the management and testing of batteries is a very important task to maintain power integrity. This battery analyzer is widely used by service providers, operation and maintenance teams for battery management and measurement. The lifetime of a forklift battery in the form of a lead-acid battery depends on its care. However, this is only true under optimal conditions. Incorrect charging, overuse and lack of maintenance and care can strongly shorten the service life.

It is not important whether you check closed (VRLA) or vented (VLA) lead-acid batteries or NiCd cells. WGM Support has the right equipment for your battery maintenance. The products and related accessories provide useful battery health data without generating significant overheads or a possible reduction in remaining battery power. The Battery Analyzer BTA 100 is a portable test instrument. Battery Analyzers are the ideal test tool for maintaining.

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Battery Ground Fault | GFL 1515

Battery Ground Fault | Battery Check

Quick localisation and elimination of battery earthing faults is enormously important. This is because poor insulation or earthing in the power grid can result in high costs. In some cases, this can even lead to power failures. The GFL1515 earth fault locator is an indispensable tool for identifying earth faults. Namely, those where electrical cables show a break.

According to DIN VDE 0100-410, the battery and DC power supply system should be checked for accidental earth faults every four months. The GFL1515 finds these virtual DC battery earthing faults. In both offline and online DC systems, the faults are quickly detected and localised. Overall, the output current of the unit is very low. But the output voltage can still be up to 1000V. Between 24V ~ 1000V, you can set it individually. GFL1515 identifies the unintentional earth fault by the faulty polarity. The earth fault locator can locate the battery earth fault without breaking the live circuit.

This means that the location of a battery earth fault is carried out during operation. A major advantage is the high level of interference immunity when the system is working online. As well as the multipath detection by current direction, phase angle and signal strength. Thanks to its patented technology, the Battery Ground Fault GFL1515 can locate leakage faults with an earth resistance of less than 1 MΩ. A precise current direction indicator for leakage current helps to quickly locate the faulty earth.

A built-in band-pass filter bypasses various interfering signals in the environment. All in all, the Battery Ground Fault GFL1515 saves hours of troubleshooting. And it helps to increase the reliability of your electrical installations. Earth fault DC – The device is used in locomotives, data centres, power supply companies as well as in telecommunications and many more.

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Load Bank | Battery Test | Battery Capacity

DC Load Bank | Battery Capacity

DC Load Banks – we have load banks for all industries or customized DC load banks with excellent performance. The DC Load Bank makes your work easier when testing the DC Load and battery capacity. We offer many different load bank models to cover a wide voltage range from 12V to 480V rated voltage and up to 600A current. They are used for users in various industries such as telecommunications, power supply, data centers, forklifts and others.

DC load banks are designed for user ease of use, portability, and versatility in mind. Discharge testing batteries is the only verifiable method the capacity of your batteries and the load bank delivers a programmable, constant current load for your testing needs. Whether you are load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance, or other, the load bank provides an economical complete package solution. With optional software, the discharge values of each cell can be monitored simultaneously on the display of the DC Load Bank and the PC. A battery capacity check is an important part of maintenance.

Due to their high reliability and operational safety, they are reliable storage sources for power supply and other systems of the highest security level. The following parameters such as battery capacity, battery charge state and battery discharge must be taken into account during battery tests. A failure or discharged battery at a data center, airport or hospital would have fatal consequences. For quick test of battery condition, please refer to BTA 100 Battery Condition Analyzer which tests battery interal resistance/conductance in seconds.

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Forklift Battery | BLE 600 | Stationary batteries

Forklift Battery | Traction battery

BLE 600 is a 3-in-1 device for charging, discharging and activating lead acid or NC batteries. The device is used for forklift batteries. Also for battery charging systems for UPS systems, emergency lighting systems and central battery systems. Due to its small size, the BLE 600 is a handy, portable device. It is applicable to single cells of 1,2V, 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V and 12V. Moreover, the compact device is perfect for regular maintenance of single cells. Especially of old cells.

Three functions of charging, discharging and activating can be used separately or together. This helps the user to maintain forklift batteries while facilitating the overall service. When the charge and discharge functions are used together, the affected forklift batteries are charged and discharged. And this is done in one or more circuits with low constant current. The BLE 600 can even charge or discharge the batteries several times individually.

Activation of the damaged material on the battery electrode plate corrects a caused malfunction of the forklift battery. That way, the battery is regenerated and the forklift battery capacity is increased. As a battery load simulator, the BLE 600 checks the discharge of the battery. In addition, it can use battery capacity tests to determine the actual capacity of battery systems.

Regenerating the forklift battery leads to increase the efficiencies of forklift batteries. Their resources are also effectively utilized. Long-term monitoring of the battery condition can even continuously check the traction battery. Thus, serious damage to the battery is prevented. The device can be operated via touchscreen and keyboard. On top of that, it has a direct USB drive for data transfer to the PC. Software updates can also be made quickly and easily. Users can also download the desired reports in Excel at any time.

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Battery Impedance Tester | Battery Test | BITE 3

Battery Impedance Tester | Battery Test

The Megger BITE 3 battery impedance tester determines the condition of lead-acid cells up to 2,000 amp-hours by measuring key battery parameters. The BITE 3 measures cell impedance, cell voltage and cell junction resistance and performs an internal ohmic test. In addition, for the first time in such an instrument, the BITE 3 battery impedance tester measures trickle charge current and superimposed AC current. There is even a built-in spectrum analyzer to display the harmonic content of the AC current. The instrument includes firmware that can be updated using the Internet and supports a variety of languages. The BITE 3 is one of the easiest devices to use. It works by measuring the internal impedance of cells, cell junction resistance, cell voltage, and trickle charge current and ripple current.

These quantities, along with temperature, specific gravity, and other battery data, provide the best means of evaluating the overall condition of the batteries from terminal plate to terminal plate, and to some extent the charger (the superimposed AC current and its harmonic content.) Megger recommends that the BITE 3 be one of the elements of a comprehensive battery maintenance program in which, for lead-acid cells, semi-annual and for VRLA, quarterly
for lead-acid cells and quarterly for VRLA. The BITE 3 is one of the easiest instruments to use.

It operates by measuring cell internal impedance, cell junction resistance, cell voltage, and float charge current and ripple current. These quantities, along with temperature, specific gravity and other battery data, provide the best means of evaluating the overall condition of the batteries. To some extent, also the charger (the superimposed AC current and its harmonic content.) Megger recommends making the BITE 3 one of the elements of a comprehensive battery maintenance program.

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Density Meter | Digital Hydrometer

Density Meter | Digital Hydrometer

The handheld density meter weighs only 275 g and is easily operated by the touch of a finger. This means: the arm does not tire, even if hundreds of samples are measured daily. The portable density meter measures the density and concentration of your sample directly on site and is extremely user-friendly. Due to its robust yet lightweight design, the density meter guarantees absolute flexibility with regard to the place of use. Your sample is filled into the measuring cell of the density meter by simply pressing the pump button. The instrument measures the density of your sample or determines the concentration using the pre-installed density / concentration tables. You also have the option of adding up to ten additional customer functions to the list of measured variables – extremely helpful if you regularly measure the same samples.

Measure specific gravity and temperature in less than 5 seconds. Handheld density meter for measuring the temperature and specific gravity of lead battery cells to check the state of charge of a battery. Simply dip into the electrolytes and determine the specific gravity and temperature within five seconds. For use with the Battery Impedance Tester BITE3. Eight channel data logger stores data for up to 8 tests of 256 cells each. Displays the charge level of a battery more accurately than a voltmeter. You also have the option of adding up to ten additional customer functions to the list. This is extremely helpful for evaluating the measurement data. The data can then be easily imported directly from the data logger into the Megger Power DB software as a battery report.

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