Insulation measuring instrument MIT2500 | Insulation measurement

Insulation measuring instrument MIT2500 – The insulation measuring instrument and continuity tester

MIT2500 is used for insulation resistance measurements requiring more than 1,000 V. MIT2500 offers six fixed test voltages of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1,000V and 2500V on the one hand and continuously variable test voltages between 50V and 2500V on the other. The output test voltage remains within two percent during the test. For power supply the MIT2500 has a battery compartment for six batteries and separate access to the fuses.

For the first time a handy device also offers the proven Guard technology. This eliminates surface leakage currents. This enables accurate measurements even when the insulator is very dirty and damp. Insulation testing up to 2.5 kV (new) and in a range of 200 GΩ with a hand instrument. The robust rubber housing corresponds to IP54. The insulation test voltage is feedback-controlled. This means that the test voltage keeps its voltage within the tolerance range between zero percent and + two percent. This now more stable test voltage reduces the risk of damage to the test objects due to larger voltage increases. The variable test voltages between 50V and 999V are set in steps of 1V. Between 1kV and 2.5 kV the test voltages are set in 10V steps.

This enables a total of 1,100 test voltages. The insulation measuring instrument MIT2500 has a newly designed housing and back cover as well as a battery compartment. It also has an integrated protective terminal to reduce leakage currents, which reduces accuracy at higher voltages. All instruments are molded for increased protection and have an IP54 weatherproof rating.

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