Cable fault location | Cable fault locator M-SWG

Whether cable fault location or cable fault finding, the M-SWG is a mobile cable fault location system for complex applications. In the simplest way possible, a faulty point in high, medium and low voltage cables can be located quickly and reliably. The system contains a powerful high voltage unit with a burning function. The built-in surge generator and the TDR reflectometer find the cable fault easily. As an operator you navigate through the menu quickly and safely. The system is self-training and performs all operating steps fully automatically.

All operating steps for the test can be carried out in the simplest possible way via a control knob / rotary control. The system offers the function of cable fault diagnosis- location and cable fault handling. Together with the MP-901 it has an additional highly sensitive cable fault fine tuning. Fault handling; targeted localization using acoustic methods. Under a single compact system SWG embodies all the main components of a fully-featured cable test van: a digital pulse reflectometer, a high-voltage step-up test transformer, a powerful surge wave generator and a burn unit.

Rich functionality along with small dimensions and durable design allows using M-SWG for most cable fault tasks where a cable test van would traditionally have been utilised. In addition, the system can be used for withstand testing solid insulation with DC voltage up to 32 kV (depending on systems). M-SWG-series systems can therefore be considered as an uncompromising solution for high-quality cable maintenance – these compact and mobile units provide the full range of functionality and feature safety functions commonly available only on fully-featured van-mounted cable test and fault location systems.