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ÖTMM – Insights
Transformer Management Software

Management Software | ÖTMM Transformer management

All at one glance

The ÖTMM dashboard offers you all important information about the transformer at a glance, e.g. master data, current, voltage, switch-on and switch-off temperature, utilization, power etc.

In case of a transformer pool, ÖTMM provides a separate dashboard for each unit. You can easily switch between the individual units. The dashboard obtains its information from an integrated plant directory in which all transformers and their components are stored.

Management Software | ÖTMM Transformer management

Targeted planning and control

ÖTMM specializes in the targeted planning and control of all maintenance and service measures on transformers. All information relevant for such measures (e.g. equipment or spare parts required for an operation, but also protocols and other documents) are linked to the respective tasks. Documents and data on measurements and tests already carried out can be stored in ÖTMM and are thus available at any time, for example for the validation of currently pending measurement and test tasks.

ÖTMM can automatically generate appointment series for tasks to be performed regularly, such as legally required tests or upcoming audits, so that such important appointments are never forgotten again.

Management Software | ÖTMM Transformer management

Seamless flow of information

A communication interface integrated in ÖTMM contains all information relevant for the responsible employees as well as departments and proactively notifies the responsible departments or persons about all currently pending tasks. It is also possible to automatically determine the correct recipients/departments using certain criteria. The intelligent communication interface thus enables a seamless flow of information and a targeted distribution of information, which, among other things, helps to avoid missed deadlines.

Wertvolles Wissen aufbauen und bewahren

Build and preserve valuable knowledge

To record unpredictable problems, loss of performance or breakdowns, but also events that require logging, ÖTMM provides a log or shift book that can be seamlessly integrated into order processing. With the documentation of unforeseen disturbances and the measures taken to eliminate them, important information is preserved forever. This creates valuable knowledge that the entire department can access at any time, e.g. to identify recurring specific problems and to eliminate them permanently.

Management Software | ÖTMM Transformer management

Central data and document management

No matter whether measurement or test protocols, audits, maintenance instructions, manuals, technical drawings or other relevant plant data, in ÖTMM you can store and organize all important documents centrally – either by storing such documents directly in the software or by linking data already stored outside ÖTMM with ÖTMM. With this function you always have a structured overview of all important documents and technical data via a central interface, which you can also find quickly and easily via a full text search. ÖTMM is a management software.