Glass Syringe Luer Lock | Glass Syringe 100 ml

Glass syringe Luer Lock | Glass syringe 100 ml – The glass syringe Luer Lock has a metal cone connection. Plunger and glass body are made of chemical and heat resistant borosilicate glass. The glass syringe body and plunger are stamped. This makes the syringe and plunger unmistakable. The printed writing is acid and alkali resistant. The syringes are shipped individually and packed in a cardboard box with foam filling. The glass syringes in modified design are ideally suited for Gas-in-Oil Analysis.

The delivery program of WGM Support consists of high-quality glass syringes with a large variety. The glass syringes are available with a capacity of 1 ml to 200 ml. The picture shows a glass syringe 100 ml type WGM-100. The glass syringe is an injection syringe with calibrated cylinder. The 2-way stopcock with Luer-Lock is optionally available. Advantages and features: The syringe is made of heat resistant borosilicate glass. It complies with ISO 594/1; 595/2 and is in accordance with IEC 60475, IEC 60567 and ASTM 3613 standards.

The material and construction are resistant to shock and shock from sudden temperature changes. The syringe is annealed until it is free of internal stress, then it is repeatedly washed with hot water. At the breakage points of the syringe such as the Luer-Lock connector and the cylindrical housing, the points have been reinforced to reduce the risk of breakage. The matching syringe plunger has been checked for leakage, meets the requirements of specification GG-S-92 / 54840 / ISO 7886, and is carefully checked for back pressure and for smooth plunger movement.

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