Data logger analyzer | Data logger MSV165

A typical application for the MSV165 Data logger analyzer is transport monitoring. The data logger with acceleration sensor is characterized for long-term measurements of shock, vibration, concussions and impacts. The MSV165 analyzer can be used for up to five years at 1600 measurements per second. Perform acceleration, shock and vibration measurements in all three axes. Shock monitoring is ± 15 g to ± 200 g. Before the result is known, the MSV165 data logger records 32 measurements. By means of a microSD card you can increase the capacity to over one billion measured values.

You have the choice between internal and external sensors. The external sensors are available in different cable lengths. For the configuration of the data a software is available. The MSV165 has an extremely low power consumption. With the LiPo battery (900 mAh) you can master up to six months of shock monitoring. For an even longer recording time of up to five years, the MSV165 can be equipped with long-life batteries.

Following the enhancement of the MSR165 in recent years, primarily with respect to its memory capacity (2 million measured values by default, 1 billion measured values with a microSD card) as well as the software for capturing and evaluating the recorded values, this data logger is now being optimised with respect to its working range and power supply. Whilst it was previously possible to monitor shocks up to ±15 g, the user now has a working range of up to ±200 g. This extended working range is beneficial when it comes to recording applications where very large forces occur suddenly, for instance in the field of transportation monitoring of delicate goods, aerospace, as well as drop and impact tests in the industry.