VLF Meter M-VLF90 | VLF Test Equipment

VLF Meter M-VLF90 | sheath fault diagnosis – In case of cable testing or cable diagnosis in the field of medium voltage, portable and lightweight VLF devices are advantageous. Testing of cables with the M-VLF90 is possible up to a length of 33km. The output is capable of driving capacitive loads of 10 microfarad. Or a cable length of about 33km at 10 microfarad. Thus, one can test a cable of length up to 33km at maximum output voltage.

However, due to the variable output frequency, it is also possible to test much longer cable distances. In everyday life, cable testing or cable diagnosis can be easily managed with the VLF90. The VLF Meter M-VLF90 can be used for sheath testing or diagnosis. This makes the VLF90 suitable as a sinusoidal voltage source. Without an additional voltage source, the system can then be expanded to tan delta measurement. VLF90 is a compact high voltage test system for cable testing of medium voltage cables. Weighing only 127kg, it has an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

All in all, the VLF system offers various operating modes. A built-in discharging device is available for the DUTs to discharge. The M-VLF90 has a manual and automatic test and diagnostic sequence. Locally, the unit stores all results. On the one hand, no external PC is required. On the other hand, it is possible to use a USB stick to transfer the data to the software on the external PC. The VLF measuring device is not thermally limited. Therefore it can be operated continuously over the entire operating time.

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