VLF Meter M-VLF120 | Cable measurement

VLF Meter M-VLF120 | Cable Diagnostics – For both cable testing or cable fault diagnostics, the VLF Meter M-VLF120 has by far the best line-to-weight ratio in its class. VLF systems are used to check medium voltage cables or perform periodic cable testing. It is important to perform a reconnection check after repairs and work on power cables. In addition to the variable VLF (AC) output frequency, modes for DC voltage testing can also be selected. As well as cable sheath testing or sheath fault location. During the entire measurement time, the cable ends must be protected against direct and indirect contact.

The M-VLF120 system has an electronic as well as a mechanical discharge device (internal). On top it has an integrated 12kV reverse voltage protection. All of our high voltage series devices are “dry” systems, so they do not use oil. Consequently, this makes them very easy to maintain. Therefore, they are not subject to limited operating time. M-VLF120 is also expandable with a tangent delta diagnostic system. And a partial discharge diagnostic system (option). Thus, the M-VLF120 is a powerful 0.1 Hz VLF meter for medium voltage cable testing.

The M-VLF120 high voltage generator offers several operating modes:
cable test – cable sheath test – sheath fault location.

Furthermore, the measurement of capacitance and effective resistance of the DUT. Display of the current test time. Real-time indication of the output signal on the display. Plus, an intuitive operating software with language selection. Logging of measurement results. Protocol output via RS232 or USB optional. As well as a PC software for analysis and archiving. Breakdown detector and fast shutdown. Measurement of breakdown voltage. But also, the time optimized burning mode. Finally, low maintenance due to dry, oil-free design.

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