TDR Reflectometer | TDR1000-3 | Time Domain Reflectometer

TDR Reflectometer: Megger offers you the greatest experience in time domain reflectometry. The method is also known to many of you as Time Domain Reflectometry, or TDR for short. It involves the determination and analysis of travel lengths and reflection characteristics of electromagnetic signals and waves in electrical conductors. Some people know this technology also under the name “cable radar”, because the principle is indeed similar to a conventional radar. The length measurement of cables in the electrical industry was one of the first important applications.

This involves measuring the time it takes for an electrical impulse to return to its origin. If one now knows the speed of propagation in the cable, which also depends on the dielectric, one can directly deduce the length of the cable from the time. On its way one recognizes also many other “events” like, connection, branches or – errors in the isolation or in the conductor caused by break, corrosion and much more besides.

With a pulse width of only 2 ns at a resolution of 0.1 m, the new type TDR 1000-3 time domain reflectometer for cable fault location from Megger features the new “Ultra Fast Pulse” technology. This improves fault location, especially in the near vicinity of metallic data and telecommunication cables. The new auto-setup function immediately recognizes the cable under test and sets all parameters appropriately in a fraction of a second; this saves time and ensures correct measurement results every time. The Trace Hold function allows clear comparison between two routes. The TDR 1000/3 has a large, high-resolution LCD display with white backlighting and various gray scales. This supports the graphical display in identifying the most important events on the track.

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