VLF Measuring M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Measuring M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Meter M-VLF60 | Cable Diagnostics

VLF Meter M-VLF60 | Cable Testing | VLF Testers – Testing medium voltage cables with the M-VLF60 is easier today than it was many years ago. A VLF test finds faults in your cable system at much lower voltage than a conventional DC test. Thus, no traveling cells are generated. The M-VLF60 is a compact and, thanks to its robust design, extremely field-proof test system for medium voltage cables. No external PC is required on site. Fast commissioning and the possibility of true continuous operation qualify the unit as an ideal tool for routine cable testing.

With the portable VLF meter M-VLF60 you can test the following cables XLPE, PE & EPR. The VLF tester series finally allows utilities and industry an economical alternative to DC testing. To protect the operator and the equipment, the device has two independent discharging devices and an integrated 12kV reverse voltage protection (50 Hz). Thus, the software allows easy report generation. Also, the fast programming of test sequences. VLF stands for Very Low Frequency, 0.1 Hz and below.

Thus, it is an alternating voltage at low frequency. A VLF test system is simple to operate and the test is easy to perform. Conventional AC voltage test equipment has been used for decades for many types of installations. The test voltage is applied for the desired duration. This is because the DUT holds the voltage and either passes or fails. It is a pass/fail test. Why VLF testing? Because DC tests damage the insulation of the cable. That way, VLF testing shows the damage of the insulation without harming the cable.

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VLF Measuring M-VLF34 | Cable Test

VLF Measuring M-VLF34 | Cable Test

VLF Meter device M-VLF34 | cable test

VLF Meter M-VLF34 | Cable Testing – The field of work of the M-VLF34 is cable testing and cable diagnosis. The high voltage generator is a very compact and very light VLF test instrument. With the variable VLF system, it is possible to select the two polarities accordingly the mode DC testing and the AC output frequency. Cable sheath testing or sheath fault location are part of the selection range. M-VLF34 is a portable generator that generates high voltage to eliminate cable faults.

For the 0.1Hz VLF test system is suitable for medium voltage cable testing. VLF meter type M-VLF34 is a portable system for cable diagnosis and testing. A high output current up to 85mA is considered the special strength of the device. The powerful output is able to drive capacitive loads up to 15 microfarad. Weighing only 45kg, the high voltage generator is a compact VLF unit, making it perfect for mobile use. Due to its light weight, the site of operation can be easily reached.

With a maximum output voltage, it is possible to test a cable with a length of up to 8 km. M-VLF34 can also be extended to a cable diagnostic system due to its full modularity. Also, the system offers different operating modes. A built-in discharging device is available for discharging the DUTs. The M-VLF34 has a manual and automatic test diagnostic sequence. No external PC is required on site. Due to the fact that the VLF measuring device is not thermally limited, it can be operated continuously over the entire operating time.

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