Oil Sampling Set | ÖLEK | Gas in Oil Analysis

Oil Sampling Set | ÖLEK | Gas in Oil Analysis

Oil Sampling Set | OLEK | Transformer Oil analysis

The oil sampling set is used to take oil samples from electrical equipment such as transformers, converters or oil switches. When taking oil samples, make sure that the oil sample complies with the prescribed standard. A potential manipulation of the oil sample falsifies the analysis result. The big advantage of oil sampling with the Oil Sampling Set is that no outside air gets into the sample. The set ensures sampling according to the following standards: DIN EN 60567, IEC 567 and ASTM 3612, so the oil sample is ideally prepared for subsequent analysis in the laboratory. In order to avoid repairs and failures, the oil sample must be handled with care.

An early analysis of potential faults extends the service life of electrical equipment. Oil sampling is a crucial element in any oil analysis. Insulating oil analyses: These periodic tests are an important part of the maintenance of transformers for a safe energy supply. In the operational monitoring of oil-filled high-voltage equipment (transformers, instrument transformers, bushings, cables, etc..), decomposition gas analysis is becoming more and more a priority and an important part of the maintenance process. In case of electrical or thermal overload, decomposition gases are formed in the insulating oil, which can be analyzed.

Improper oil sampling or contamination of the test vessels can have a very large influence on the measured values of the individual test methods, so that completely wrong conclusions could be drawn about the quality of the insulating fluids. The oil syringes and aluminium containers must be rinsed with the liquid to be tested before taking the sample. Bottles made of brown glass or drawn aluminium are used as sample containers for insulating oils. Not only the sampling, but also the handling of the oil sample plays an important role.

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Gas in Oil Analysis | TOGA-100-GC | Dissolved gas analysis (DGA)

Gas in Oil Analysis | TOGA-100-GC | Dissolved gas analysis (DGA)

Gas-in-Oil Analysis | TOGA-100-GC | Transformer Oil analysis

Gas-in-Oil Analysis | TOGA-100-GC – Gas-in-Oil Analysis (DGA – dissolved gases) has been successfully used for several years for the diagnosis and monitoring of oil transformers and tap-changers. DGA is considered one of the most powerful methods for assessing the condition of the transformer’s insulation system. Due to the natural ageing of the oil and the insulating materials, cracked gases are formed which are dissolved in the transformer oil. Especially under the influence of thermal or electrical faults. With the DGA analysis slowly developing faults can be detected. The temporal development of the gas concentrations allows a trend analysis.

By comparing the DGA results a characteristic fault gas pattern is determined. For the mobile DGA at the transformer on site, the TOGA 100-GC system delivers reliable and accurate measurements in a very short time. The gaseous decomposition products provide information about the type of fault in the transformer. The TOGA 100-GC system separates all eleven components of the gas to oil analysis in one injection. The TOGA 100-GC follows the ASTM 3612C method for gas analysis with headspace injection. For the laboratory gas chromatograph of the M-Labor series, there is also the option to connect an automatic sampler. The TOGA 100 Portable allows samples to be analyzed directly on site. A small helium tank is sufficient to operate the GC in the field. The column oven in each TOGA 100 GC guarantees a high sample throughput by fast heating and cooling.

The fully integrated TOGA GC systems are small, lightweight and, like all systems, modular. They can be easily upgraded and are easy to maintain. Sample information: This ASTM D3612 C method is used to analyze the eleven most common components.

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