Karl Fischer Water Determination | KF-7751 | Water Content

Karl Fischer Water Determination | KF-7751 | Water Content

Water Determination | KF 7751 | Transformer Oil analysis

Karl Fischer Titration KF-7751 | Determination of Water Content – The Karl Fischer Titrator KF-7751 is a generalist when it comes to potentiometric and volumetric titration. As an universal titrator, the KF-7751 offers more application possibilities than the KF-700. In practice, there are differences between coulometric and potentiometric or volumetric titration. After switching on the instrument, the Karl Fischer Titrator starts working immediately, with the default settings starting in the background. The KF titrator has several interfaces for data communication. It is possible to operate an analytical balance via the interface to the KF titrator. To connect a printer, use the USB ports of the device. Karl Fischer titration has also become established for transformer oils for determining the water content in the oil or the water content. The Karl Fischer Titrator can be cleaned with a soft cloth and water using normal household detergent.

General properties: Brilliant TFT display, which can be read even from the side. Exchangeable caps with storage of all relevant cap and reagent data in the cap. Unlimited communication via up to two USB-A, one USB-B, one LAN and two RS232 interfaces. Storage of results as PDF and CSV on USB stick or network.

Preinstalled standard methods. Special features of the KF-7751: Wireless electrode recognition for ID electrodes for highest security during measurement and calibration. High-resolution inputs for pH/mV electrodes and temperature measurements for pH, ISE, redox titrations. Ideal for non-aqueous titrations such as acid and base number in oils. Measuring input for polarizable electrodes. Linear and dynamic titration to inflection points (equivalence points) and titrations to end point. pH Stat titrations. Volumetric KF titration.

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