Battery Ground Fault | GFL 1515

Battery Ground Fault | GFL 1515

Battery Ground Fault | Battery Check

Quick localisation and elimination of battery earthing faults is enormously important. This is because poor insulation or earthing in the power grid can result in high costs. In some cases, this can even lead to power failures. The GFL1515 earth fault locator is an indispensable tool for identifying earth faults. Namely, those where electrical cables show a break.

According to DIN VDE 0100-410, the battery and DC power supply system should be checked for accidental earth faults every four months. The GFL1515 finds these virtual DC battery earthing faults. In both offline and online DC systems, the faults are quickly detected and localised. Overall, the output current of the unit is very low. But the output voltage can still be up to 1000V. Between 24V ~ 1000V, you can set it individually. GFL1515 identifies the unintentional earth fault by the faulty polarity. The earth fault locator can locate the battery earth fault without breaking the live circuit.

This means that the location of a battery earth fault is carried out during operation. A major advantage is the high level of interference immunity when the system is working online. As well as the multipath detection by current direction, phase angle and signal strength. Thanks to its patented technology, the Battery Ground Fault GFL1515 can locate leakage faults with an earth resistance of less than 1 MΩ. A precise current direction indicator for leakage current helps to quickly locate the faulty earth.

A built-in band-pass filter bypasses various interfering signals in the environment. All in all, the Battery Ground Fault GFL1515 saves hours of troubleshooting. And it helps to increase the reliability of your electrical installations. Earth fault DC – The device is used in locomotives, data centres, power supply companies as well as in telecommunications and many more.

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