PPC Lab Particle Counter - Portable Particle Counter with Lab Quality

This PPC Lab particle counter is suitable for both mobile and stationary use. The measurement results are output in the common purity classes ISO 4406; NAS 1638; SAE AS 4059; GJB 420; GOST 17216. Thanks to the 32-bit high-performance control unit, flexible measurements and simultaneous data storage of different measuring points are possible. The integrated printer outputs the measurement results on paper directly on site. The dialog-oriented setting menu of the PPC Lab allows the display in different languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Chinese and Finnish). PPC Lab’s modern, technically advanced components, including the volumetric sensor measuring cell, provide high resolution and measuring accuracy. All particles are detected, counted and measured by the sensor. Up to 32 freely selectable size channels display the particle number and particle size distribution.