PD150 Fault indication system partial discharge

Online partial discharge: The PD150 is a fault alarm system for partial discharges in the control cabinet. With the PD 150 fault alarm system, partial discharge activities within a live switch cabinet can be detected remotely. Partial Discharge is commonly found on aging MV & HV cable accessories. Insulation faults are an important factor in degradation and reduction of the lifetime of an electrical apparatus. This translates into raised exploitation costs and questionable reliability, while economic performance and reliability are key criteria in the evaluation of an electricity supplier.

One of the challenges is to address those secondary substations which are too often overlooked due to their high volume spread in a large territories. The PD-Annunciator is the next generation of partial discharge monitoring system for local or remote deployment at reasonable cost. Its unique design allows for quick and easy DIN rail installation, or directly held on metallic cabinets with its strong magnets. Need to monitore multiple switchgear cabinets?

PD-Annunciator is daisy-chainable for clean installation that requires minimal cabling. The easily available RJ45 cables are in fact all that’s needed to connect modules one another for data communication and power supply. Up to 3 sensors are connected to PD Annunciator. In case of detected PD activity, a local alarm would turn on the corresponding LED indicator and send this same alarm status to SCADA. Next Generation of Online partial discharge: PD-Annunciator is perfectly suited for substation environment, field applications, remote locations, etc. – 20+ years experience in the partial discharge detection and analysis field.