MIT400 insulation tester | insulation tester

MIT400 Insulation Tester | Insulation Testers 1 kV – The new MIT 400 series of insulation and continuity testers from Megger is designed for electrical testing for electricians as well as the utility, industrial and craft sectors. The wide range of features also make the MIT400 Series ideal for maintenance technicians and service engineers. The MIT 400 Series makes electrical installation testing easy. The MIT400 insulation tester includes all the features that electricians and technicians in a variety of industries require. The available functions are selected to make testing under various conditions quick and easy.

Typical users include electrical utility industries as well as large and small electrical installation companies. Companies that provide cable testing or perform regular inspection and testing will find the MIT 400 Series on site. The MIT400 insulation tester and the MIT 420 offer additional features for technicians. The insulation testers meet the more demanding applications in customer service or repair and maintenance. The MIT420 Insulation Tester can store test results for display on the screen. A simple memory structure allows individual recall of a test number and screen results. The MIT430 supports both result storage and download.

Test results can be stored in the instrument and then downloaded to a computer using the software. The data transfer is done using Bluetooth technology. The MIT 485 Bluetooth transmitter is activated by selecting the download mode on the device. The devices are designed for exceptional operational safety. Fast circuits prevent damage to the devices.

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