Karl Fischer Titration | KF-700 | Transformer oil analysis

Karl Fischer Titration KF-700 | Determination of water content – The Karl Fischer Titration method for analytical water determination is considered the most important method for determining water content. Volumetric titration is the “classical” Karl Fischer titration.

The fundamental difference between volumetric and coulometric titration is the method used. One advantage of the volumetric method over the coulometric method is the lower effort required. The Karl Fischer volumetric titrator is more flexible when using solvents. The measuring range goes from 0.01 percent to 100 percent. For water content and water determination, the Karl Fischer method is used in the laboratory.. For all its advantages, manual titration is still established as the standard application in the laboratory. A piston burette with exchangeable dosing attachment is the first choice when perfection and flexibility are required. With regard to the aging process of transformer oil, the Karl Fischer Titration KF-700 is used. A special form of dosing is the “Preparing solutions” mode.

In this mode, a solvent is dosed up to the desired target concentration. A sample is weighed in, the volume added is calculated using a calculation formula and then added. This mode is suitable, for example, for the preparation of standards and solutions for viscometry. Important features: Automatic calculation of the addition volume without additional PC software. Dosing and filling speed can be optimally adapted to the dosing solution. Several methods with different parameters can be stored. Automatic transfer of the weight of a connected balance.

Usually, 10-15 user methods are sufficient for most needs.

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