Ground measuring device DET4TCR | Ground resistance

In the field of electrical engineering, an earth fault is a fault with a high risk potential. An earth fault is a fault situation in which one phase conductor is in contact with the earth. Consequently, a power supply system where the neutral point is grounded is called an earth fault. In the case of an earth fault, electrical current flows to earth, resulting in an earth short circuit.

The grounding test family DET4 from Megger offers comprehensive solutions for your grounding measurement requirements. Therefore, you have everything you need for your measurements. The standard equipment consists of the tester, test cables, electrodes, connection adapter set and batteries. The earth measurement kit is supplied in a carrying case. The DET4TC and DET4TCR ground testers are designed for use over a temperature range and have an IP54-rated housing. This allows the test instruments to be used outdoors without compromise. The Ground measuring DET4TCR has all the functions for earth testing. As a result, the tester offers variable frequencies from two to four conductor measurements and more.

The instrument has no hidden functions. Therefore, switching the backlight on and off is very easy. That way it is possible to operate both functions with the gloves. Consequently, it uses unique auxiliary controls to select the test frequency or the output voltage. Fifty or twenty-five volts, depending on local standards. Therefore, the design does not require a short circuit connection when performing two pole measurements – unlike other instruments. The Ground measuring DET4TCR is powered by standard AA batteries. This allows for an excellent operating time during the measurement.

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