Moisture measurement in oil | ST-200 Sensor

Moisture measurement in oil | ST-200 Sensor

Moisture measurement in oil | Oil quality sensor | ST-200

The ST-200 moisture sensor is an advanced solution for precise online measurement of moisture in oil. It utilises the innovative WGM Support technology, which enables remarkable sensitivity to changes in the water content of the oil. This enables accurate real-time and continuous monitoring of oil quality, which is crucial for the reliable performance of critical equipment.

The sensor has a high sensitivity to water contamination in oil and can test dissolved water, free water and emulsified water. With an impressively wide test range of up to1015, it enables precise measurements under various conditions. The unique grounding technology ensures reliability and durability, while the advanced sensor structure allows for easy cleaning.

The ST-200 moisture sensor is certified to international standards and is suitable for use in commercial and industrial environments. It ensures the safety of critical equipment by providing reliable 24 / 7 / 365 oil quality measurement. Preventive maintenance can avoid high costs and time due to oil quality issues.The sensor also helps reduce oil change costs and lowers disposal costs for used oil, which is more environmentally friendly.

The ST-200 is widely used in various industries such as oil fields, oil refineries, power plants, power transmission, construction and engineering machinery, aviation, railway and road transport, steel and metallurgy, oil tanks and oil stations, and industrial production. It is suitable for various types of oil, including lubricants, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, fuel oil, insulating oil, turbine oil and light and heavy oils.

The ST-200 can interact seamlessly with the ST-200D indicator meter to enable precise monitoring of the moisture content and temperature data display. Warning points can be flexibly set and the integrated AC / DC module ensures a reliable 24V DC power supply for the ST-200. Overall, this provides a comprehensive technical solution for the precise monitoring and maintenance of oil quality in various industrial applications.

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Water in Oil sensor | ST-100 Transmitter

Water in Oil sensor | ST-100 Transmitter

Water-in-Oil sensor | Transformer Oil analysis

The Water-in-Oil ST-100 sensor is a temperature and humidity transmitter with a fast, reliable and accurate online transmitter for water activity in oil and temperature. The ST-100 is ideal for monitoring the humidity in oil or for online moisture measurement. The ST-100 is suitable for measuring humidity in lubricating, hydraulic or insulating oils, which is important for long-term performance and preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment. Oil moisture and water activity are automatically determined by the ST-100 Water-in-Oil Sensor.

The oil transmitter measures the water activity (also aw-value) and temperature (T). Both values can be read on the display. The humidity in oil can be given as absolute humidity in ppm or relative as water activity aw value. Our sensor measure the absolute water activity (aw) in oil and temperature (T) of the user oil continuously, reliably and accurately at all times. By integrating the measurement into the oil circuit, the measurement is carried out in real time and the reaction can also take place immediately. The risk of not detecting an increase in water activity (aw) between random measurements is eliminated.

The use of our sensors not only ensures that the quality but also guarantees safety extends the service life of the oil and minimizes downtime. The Water-in-Oil Sensor ST-100 is a robust online transmitter, which informs you reliably about a transformer failure. This is an accurate and cost-effective solution for online measurements of humidity in oil. Today’s oil sensors measure many parameters. With its robust housing and excellent performance, it is perfectly suited for integration into OEM applications.

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