DC Load Bank | Battery Capacity

DC Load Banks – we have load banks for all industries or customized DC load banks with excellent performance. The DC Load Bank makes your work easier when testing the DC Load and battery capacity. We offer many different load bank models to cover a wide voltage range from 12V to 480V rated voltage and up to 600A current. They are used for users in various industries such as telecommunications, power supply, data centers, forklifts and others.

DC load banks are designed for user ease of use, portability, and versatility in mind. Discharge testing batteries is the only verifiable method the capacity of your batteries and the load bank delivers a programmable, constant current load for your testing needs. Whether you are load testing for capacity, performance, acceptance, or other, the load bank provides an economical complete package solution. With optional software, the discharge values of each cell can be monitored simultaneously on the display of the DC Load Bank and the PC. A battery capacity check is an important part of maintenance.

Due to their high reliability and operational safety, they are reliable storage sources for power supply and other systems of the highest security level. The following parameters such as battery capacity, battery charge state and battery discharge must be taken into account during battery tests. A failure or discharged battery at a data center, airport or hospital would have fatal consequences. For quick test of battery condition, please refer to BTA 100 Battery Condition Analyzer which tests battery interal resistance/conductance in seconds.

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